Mark Billane and Marina Wilson-Billane

Mark Billane is an internationally recognized master wood finishing artist.  Mark is the co-owner and operator of Acanthus International, one of the world’s leading specialized wood refinishing and antique restoration companies, that produces unique and beautiful wood finishes to clients all over the world.  

Mr. Billane’s career began in 1986 with his apprenticeship at Restall, Brown & Clennell in London, England.  While working on his education in the industry on many styles of furniture, Mark was able to hone his skills and craftsmanship in private residences, foreign embassies, palaces and city institutions.  This is where he immediately recognized his long-term goal of gaining a high-quality education in order to continue the art of antique restoration and wood finishing. After graduating Restall, Brown & Clennell and attending The London College of Furniture, Mark started his own furniture restoration business in the UK, while becoming a member of the prestigious Guild of Master Craftsmen as well as the Furniture, Timber and Allied Trades Union.

As his reputation grew internationally, he was commissioned to work in Germany, Holland, Australia and throughout the United States of America and the Bahamas. In 1998, Mark  relocated his business to the United States where he launched Acanthus International, Inc. For over 20 years, Mark Billane’s master reputation and quality continues to drive Acanthus International to service the most discerning clients throughout the USA and the world.

Over the years, Mr. Billane grew to realize the importance of his education and expertise in the wood finishing industry and his strong desire to pass this knowledge on to other craftsman. This has led to Mr. Billane’s work as an expert consultant for other finishing companies and his creation of an established training and certification program for the modern wood finisher as well as the traditional antique restorer.

Mr. Billane’s expertise and the standout work of Acanthus International has been recognized in the world’s leading  professional finishing publications including Architectural Digest, Show Boats Magazine, Professional Refinishing Magazine, and Boat International Magazine. Acanthus International has also worked on the finishes in the home that won the Ballinger award for best Historical Restoration in Palm Beach.

Currently, Mr. Billane is a member of the Architectural Woodworking Institute and The Guild of Master Craftsmen of England. He is working with extraordinary partners in the USA and abroad and expanding his business by offering finishing support to other companies who require more staff or support in their finish departments.

In addition to furniture and architectural woodwork finishing, restoration, and touch up capabilities, Mr. Billane and Acanthus International have expanded their areas of support by dedicating time to the creation of travelling staff and support teams to bring their expertise to an even broader client base in need of their services.  Mr. Billane continues to enjoy overseeing the personal development of those who share his passion and dedication to the art of wood finishing.

Marina Wilson-Billane is the co-founder of Acanthus International, Inc. As a professional equestrian, Marina moved to the USA in 1994. After meeting her husband and launching Acanthus she learned the business and was trained in all aspects of restoration and finishing. Marina had always been interested in design and her passion and experience in interior finishing, along with her training in furniture restoration has made her an invaluable asset to designers and architects. As the senior project co-ordinator at Acanthus, she works with clients to bring their ideas to life while keeping within budget and time-frame.